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Award Winner - Best Durga Puja Pandel Contest - 2014
President's Message

As we approach the days of Durga Puja the mind is transported to the world of festivity, spirituality and fulfillment. The air and the atmosphere are filled with the aroma of shiuli flowers, the chanting of holy mantra and the melodious sounds of Dhak. We get prepared for the anjali in the morning, the traditional arati in the evening and a whole day of fun and laughter.

We Bengalis believe Ma Durga visits us every year with her children for these five days. This Earth is her maiden home, so she is pampered here and at the end is welcomed again next year. Durga Puja is not just about spirituality; it also teaches us the beautiful ways of our society. The good and the noble should always prevail over the bad and the evil is one of the intrinsic messages of Durga Puja. The Almighty could never tolerate the suppression of the 'good people' by the ill- gotten might of the 'bad people.'

It is imperative, my friends, to keep calm, poise and repose complete faith in the ways of the Goddess. We firmly believe that the ten hands of the Ma Durga will protect us from all evils for years to come. As Swami Vivekananda rightly said, it is not idol-worshipping but ideal-worshipping.

The week-long Durga Puja celebration is made possible by the honest intention of our members without whom the grand preparation would not have been successful. Experience and hard work play their roles in organizing this mega event every year. I specially congratulate the youngsters who have taken over higher responsibilities on their shoulders.

Our Puja celebration showcases the best available in mandap decoration, protima and cultural functions. The beautifully presented in-house programs are a result of hard work and dedication of our members while the programmes by renowned artists of repute add to the glory of our Puja. The amalgamation of the traditional and the modern is the hallmark of our cultural extravaganza. We are sure to reach higher goals in all the fields this year too.

On behalf of Dakshin Gurgaon Puja committee in South City-II, I take this opportunity to thank all our revered patrons, vendors and advertisers for their contribution. I further congratulate the members of Executive Committee who have applied their talents to ensure smooth functioning of the celebration. I have greatest respect for the ladies of our Puja committee who take utmost care to make this puja a grand success.

I wish you all a week full of festivity and social harmony. Working with you has always been a pleasure for me and the sweet memories will never fade away. May all your wishes be fulfilled with the blessings of Devi Durga.


Sidhartha Shanker Bhowmick
Dakshin Gurgaon Puja Committee,
South City II,

Dear DGPC Members,

We are pleased to inform our esteemed members that as per circular mailed to you all on 4th of April 17, the Annual General Body Meeting of Dakshin Gurgaon Puja Committee was held successfully on Sunday, the 7th of May 2017 at our "H" Block Park in South City II.

Thanks to you all for your whole hearted support and co-operation.

The Minutes of the General Body Meeting is appended below.

The List of Executive Committee members selected for the year 2017-18 is also mentioned.

Please take the note of the dates for Durga Puja, Kali Puja & Saraswati Puja of 2017 -18 :

1) Maha Shashthi (Durga Puja begins): 26th September, 2017
2) Kali Puja : 19th October, 2017
3) Saraswati Puja: 22nd January, 2018

It won't be out of place to mention that these dates are tentative in nature and could change depending on the "Panjika" we follow this year.

Expecting your all out support as the case has always been, we hope to sail through this mega event without any hassle.

In case of queries, you may get in touch with any of our Executive Committee members or the undersigned.

With warm regards,

Sudip Mondal
General Secretary
Dakshin Gurgaon Puja Committee


Date: 10th May, 2017

Subject: Minutes of Annual General Body Meeting held on 07-05-2017

Dear DGPC Members,

We are pleased to inform you that the Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) for Durgotsav 2017-18 was held as per schedule on 7th May, 2017 at South City II, �H� Block Park, Gurgaon & the decisions taken are summarized below:

1. The President & General Secretary for 2016-17 shared their happiness for the successful completion of Durgotsav and conveyed their thanks to all members for the continuous support extended to make the events successful. They also wished DGPC would carry on in the same vein in the coming year as well.

2. During the course of the meeting, �Total Collection vs. Expenditure for Durgotsav-2016-17� was presented by the Treasurer & the same was approved by the General Body.

3. The General Secretary proposed to dissolve the DGPC Executive Committee for Durgotsav�2016-17 and requested all members to select the Office Bearers of Executive Committee for Durgotsav 2017-18�.

4. The Executive Committee members for Durgotsav 2017-�18 were selected unanimously by the members present on the day and their responsibilities are mentioned in Annexure - 1 attached.

All members are requested to participate wholeheartedly to make Durgotsav 2017-18 a Grand Success. We are sure of your continued support to DGPC by providing/arranging Advertisements / Sponsorships / Donations / Contacts of well-known artists etc. Advertisement & Sponsorship Forms will be made available in due course of time.

For any clarifications, please do not hesitate to reach any one of us either by e-mail or call the undersigned. You may also visit our website: www.dgpc.in for more information and updates from time to time.

Please feel free to forward this mail to your friends & neighbors who may be willing to participate & join us in this year�s celebrations.

With best wishes,
For Dakshin Gurgaon Puja Committee (DGPC)

Sudip Mondal
General Secretary

Phone : 9810424625
e-mail : dgpc.gurgaon@gmail.com